The Comparative Welfare Entitlements Dataset (CWED) provides systematic data on institutional features of social insurance programs in 33 countries spanning much of the post-war period. CWED 2 is a significant extension and update of the information collected and published online as CWED by Lyle Scruggs. The purpose of the dataset is to provide an essential complement to program spending data that is available from international sources like the OECD's Social Expenditure Database. Data is provided for unemployment and sickness insurance as well as for standard and minimum pensions and covers income replacement rates of cash benefits, eligibility criteria and coverage of the programs. At the time being, replacement rates are available for two household types (single person with 100 % earnings of an Average Production Worker (APW) and married couple with two children with 100/0 % earnings of APW). Replacement data for further household types and earning categories will be added soon.


Financial support for Lyle Scruggs was provided by a grant from the National Science Foundation (grant number SES-1023939). Further financial support was provided within the research project "Welfare Policies in the Enlarged Europe" funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG; grant number JA 638/12-1, 12-2), led by Detlef Jahn and coordinated by Kati Kuitto.